Do you want to host an event or attend one at Cork & Bean?

Wine and paints, drag bingos, crochet workshops, book clubs are only a few of the different types of events that have been hosted at the Cork and Bean. Host yours today!
How it works:
  • We help you promote your event and sell tickets to through our Eventbrite page.

  • We charge a space rental fee plus a small marketing fee. 


Party Room Public Event: $60/hour (space rental) + $20/hour (marketing) = $80/hour.
Full Store Public Event: $80/hour (space rental) + $20/hour (marketing) = $100/hour.

* 1 hour minimum required for all bookings *

Need food/drinks for the people attending? We'll give you 20% off of anything on our menu! Just let us know when you book what you would like.